Tips to not be hungry while in a calorie deficit for weight loss:

eat a lot of low calorie/high volume foods like fruits & vegetables ♥ make a big ass salad ♥ enjoy a stir fry ♥ add cauliflower & broccoli to your morning eggs ensure you’re getting an adequate amount of water ♥ when we’re dehydrated it can feel like hunger ♥ how many ounces of water? bw in lbs divided in half (minimum) ensure you’re getting an adequate amount of protein ♥ protein is the most filling macro ♥ how many grams? bw x 0.7 minimum ♥ base your meals around a protein source ♥ calories divided by protein = protein score, the lower the score the higher the protein. use this to compare items while shopping If you’re starving while in a deficit, you’re doing it wrong.

The whole point is to eat as much as possible while still being in a deficit to lose weight.

If you follow all of the above and are still starving on your deficit then your deficit may be too severe. Aim to eat 500 calories less than you burn, which is a 500 calorie deficit.

If you follow all of the above and are STILL starving with your deficit then I recommend Reverse Dieting which is where you slowly increase your calorie intake until you’re at maintenance which is the amount you burn in a day and let your body relax for a few weeks without the stress of a calorie deficit because a deficit does put stress on the body.

I hope this helps♥

Best advice ever! 🎯💯 Starving yourself isn’t good for your body or your mind